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What are the benefits of Vacation Ownership?

You’ll actually use those vacation days!

By buying into vacation ownership, you are essentially “pre-paying” for your annual trip. When you pay the assessments every December, you’ll make sure to get your money’s worth by actually taking that trip.

You know what you’re getting.

At a fixed-week, fixed-unit property like Winners Circle, you know exactly when you’ll be traveling and even which room you’ll be assigned. You won’t have to worry about a downstairs, poolside unit becoming available–because you own one. Prefer being upstairs and away from the noise? You can purchase a unit to fit those preferences. It’s a way to tailor your vacation to your unique needs.

You can better manage travel expenses.

Your accommodations are prepaid at the same time each year, this means you have a real idea what you’ll need to budget for travel, gas, dining, etc. You never have to worry about hotel rates jumping due to a conference or event. You never have to worry about not being able to book a room. Why? Because you own one.

Further, at an all-suites property like Winners Circle, every room has a fully stocked kitchen, which means you can cook many meals and save even more.
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